Centro Educativo Multifuncional Villa Armonía

The CEMVA project


Since 1994, CEMVA (Centro Educativo Multifuncional Villa Armonía), partly financed by German aid, supports the development of the suburb Villa Armonía, in the north of Sucre. The constantly growing population mainly consists of Quechua-speaking peasants (campesinos) who moved to Sucre from the countryside, expecting a more prosperous future.

CEMVA aims to promote a better education for children, youths and adults in cooperation with the Bolivian education board. Further prospects are health care and the soothing of social injustice.

Miss Karen Hochmann, who came to Bolivia 40 years ago with the mission of development aid and who later on administered donation funds destined to orphanages in Sucre, moved to Villa Armonía in 1993 and there she founded a Kindergarten in rented rooms and therewith the project CEMVA.

In august 1998, the registered society of CEMVA was called into life in order to represent the labour of development more effectively. Since then German civil servants and volunteers have helped CEMVA annually.

Since the beginning, cooperation with Bolivian authorities and German societies was necessary since the realization of such vastly growing projects afforded means from various sources. The societies “Bolivianisches Kinderhilfswerk e.V.” and “Jugend- & Sozialarbeit in Bolivien e.V.” have been supporting CEMVA for many years

Within the last 10 years, a school including three buildings and a sports-field, a day-nursery, a medical centre (including general and dentist surgeries), educative workshops (knitting, sewing, leather works, baking, cosmetics, and IT) and a kindergarten came into being. Furthermore on the ground of the kindergarten a multifunctional building was constructed, forming part of the school, which accommodates the pupils lunch cantina and 4 classrooms. A further complex accommodating educative workshops in the areas of carpentry and electrical engineering was taken into office in 2003. Still under construction is the workshop for metal works.

To the growth of the CEMVA project the society “Bolivien Hilfe e.V.” also contributed. In the future, like in past years, the project will be depending partly on foreign aid and competent leadership. Securing these is the primary goal of the CEMVA project.

Since 2008, CEMVA joined staff with people training in law, psychology and pedagogy to improve public attention in the various divisions of the project. The staff also has the important support of university students.